Evangelism at Shepherd of the Mountains involves welcoming, equipping and sending members out to love God’s people in the mountains of Utah and around the world.

Evangelism Ministry Encompasses the Following:

Welcome Them In!:

  • Welcome members and visitors to worship.
  • Arranging the narthex to be welcoming.
  • Providing an inviting worship space.
  • Preparing printed materials to welcome visitors.

Build Them Up!:

  • Befriending new members.
  • Hosting new member classes.
  • Attending Adult Education.
  • Participate in church activities.

Send Them Out!:

  • Deliver welcome baskets to visitors.
  • Engage in caring visits to members.
  • Prepare “new neighbor” packets for members.

Reflect the Light!:

  • Help maintain the church website.
  • Help with monthly newsletter preparation.
  • Help with church phone directory.
  • Help prepare church communication materials.
  • Prepare communications for the newspaper.

Please let us know if you are interested in serving or joining the Evangelism council team, or if you have ideas for evangelism you would like to share.

Evangelism Committee Meetings

Currently there is no active Evangelism committee.