The Time Has Come

SoM_WallIt seems appropriate that during the season of Advent, The Wall will come down. Advent is a season of preparation, and inarguably, our congregation has been preparing for some time for The Wall be removed to expand the Sanctuary. On Mon., Dec. 16th, the contractors will begin demolition. Feel free to come watch the fun! Between the 16th and Christmas Eve, the building crew will be working steadily to prepare the Sanctuary for services. Invite one and all to join you in worship this Christmas Eve — we will have more space than ever before! The Education Wing is currently being sheetrocked and prepped for finishing.

Scheduling and Safety

Despite the construction, the annual Chrysalis party will take place on Sat. Dec. 14th at 7:00 pm. It is an amazing event – inspirational and a true reminder of the meaning of Christmas. Construction will begin shortly on the new entry, so please use caution as you enter and exit the building.


Shepherd of the Mountains is officially a grateful recipient of a Blue Sky Grant for renewable energy (solar power). 50 solar panels will be placed on the Education Wing at no cost to SoM. While we don’t yet know exactly how much energy the panels will provide, they are expected to produce enough to make up for the additional energy usage of the Education Wing. Plans to apply for a second grant for more panels on the south side are already underway. Please give Tim Fehr a big THANK YOU for his effort in securing these grants.