There is Always Hope

What shall we say to these things? Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.  (Romans 8:  31,39b)

There is no doubt the people of the world have witnessed terrible events…at times, things that have left us speechless and horrified.   Too often the news on TV seems like we are watching a violent movie…we can only wish it were so.

We ask ourselves how could these things happen?  How could there be so much hate in the world?

As a nation, as the world, we have witnessed violence and hatred.  We remember September 11th of the year 2001, the Oklahoma City bombing, the so many school shootings, acts of war, acts of terrorism, acts of indifference…there are so many tragic examples of senseless violence and mistreatment I could easily fill the rest of this page with them.

What do we say, how do we react to such things?  Some folks demand retribution.  Of course, we know that is not the answer.  For history teaches us that violence simply brings more violence.  Rewarding hatred with hatred simply escalates hatred.

We know better.  As Christians we understand that we need to reach a point of forgiveness.  With the power of the Holy Spirit we recall the hope we have in Christ Jesus…we do not need revenge…we need restoration.

And, yes, we acknowledge that evil exists.  It rears its ugly head in horrible and terrible ways each and every day.

And, as Christians, amidst the frightening news, the sadness that at times surrounds us, we proclaim Good News.  Evil will not win.  God in Christ Jesus has defeated sin, death, and the power of evil.  And God has promises you and me, the people of the world, and all of creation, that we will share in that victory.

We will experience dark days.  But Jesus is still the light of the world.  Jesus is the healer of every ill.  Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

We have hope in Christ and will do so eternally.  That will always be Good News.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve