Some Good News

Good news! September is upon us. It is a time of new beginning for we who are gathered as Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church.  At this time of “beginning” I often reflect on what I am looking for in life.  How about you?  What are we truly searching for?  What do we truly thirst for? Is it a healthy life? Wealth? Fame? Happiness? Perhaps to be popular? Do we strive to serve God and our neighbors? Do we, above all, want to follow Jesus? Do we share the Good News?

I suspect that for many of us pondering what it means to lead a Christian life falls on a backburner until Sunday morning…only to be lost again on Monday or Tuesday. I cannot speak for you, but I find that, like the rest of the year, in the Fall I am simply trying to get ahead or stay afloat as I get through my overly scheduled days. I suspect we are all overly busy.   And because we are so busy it is easy to forget that we were baptized into the Lord’s family for each day of the week…not just for Sundays.

Yes, we are called…created by God…as Christians to live out our daily lives as Christians…every day. We are called to be life-time witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are called to live a life with and for our Lord. We are called to serve God and our neighbors…by doing so we share our praise and joy for God’s love that is shared freely with us. And that is good news!

It is good news that you and I are created by God to be every-day Christians. It really is!  It is good news that we are people who thirst for a loving relationship with God. People who are open to God’s guidance in all that we are, as well as, all that we say and do.

It is good news that we are people who experience the joy of our Lord…and will so now and forever.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve