New Beginnings

Each New Year marks a new beginning.  As Christians, new beginnings can mean that we take time to contemplate how we can better live our lives serving God and our neighbors.  How can we better express and share God’s love with all of creation?

As a congregation, each New Year reminds us that we have new opportunities to participate in Christ’s mission.  And who knows what lies before us?  Each year we better realize our created potential as people gathered by God.  Each year we reclaim and revitalize Christ’s mission within this faith community.

This year I pray that we continue to faithfully step out beyond ourselves, even to challenge ourselves, to deepen our spiritual lives through consistent worship attendance, Bible study and prayer.  In doing so we can continually spark energy in all that we do in Christ’s name.

Of course, at Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church we strive to be our very best!   We strive to be welcoming and loving people.   We do so because we hear God calling us each and every day to serve God and our neighbors in wonderful ways…often new ways.  We embrace the good news that Christ our Lord offers us more than we can imagine.

Christ will continue to do so throughout this New Year.   Christ will continue to stretch us to be the people God creates us to be.

Yes, each New Year marks a new beginning.  With Christ as our Lord may this New Year bring each of you, your families and all of creation peace and love.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve Leiser