Jenny, my life partner, always speaks with honesty and respect.  She tells it “like it is” in a simple and truthful manner…whether you are ready to hear what she says…or not.

God invites you and I to do the same in prayer.  Prayer is as powerful as it is intimate.  In prayer we can be honest with God.  We can share with God exactly how we feel…about God or ourselves or our neighbors.  We can be even be angry with God.  God will stick with us whether we are in conversation with God centering on sadness or celebration.  God is always there to listen to you and to me.

Do we pray as much as we could?  I suspect not.  I know my prayer life could be more than it is.  I know some people who can pray for hours at a time…I cannot. The truth is, I am not long into my prayers when I often become distracted.  I begin thinking about what I have on my “to do” list.  I try to remain still and be open to a longer period of prayer, but my prayers at most generally last about two to three minutes.

Like so many of you, I pray often.  Actually, I pray quite a bit.  About seven times a day.  I pray for my family, for members of this congregation, for people I see on the street, for our church at large, for the world and all of God’s creation.

I wish I could pray as the Apostle Paul prayed, that is, without ceasing.  I do wonder what it would be like to be in an intentional conversation with God…all day long!

And I wish I could pray as Martin Luther prayed.  He once said, “I am so busy today that I better spend an extra hour in prayer.”  I cannot speak for you, but when I get busy I tend to forget to take the time to pray.

For the rest of this Lenten season, and beyond, I invite us to be intentional about taking time to pray.   Let’s include in our prayers that the Holy Spirit helps us grow deeper in our prayer lives.

And let us pray for each other, our neighbors, and all of creation.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve