Good News: We find Peace in Christ

Although some folks might desire otherwise, Jesus never promises his disciples that they will achieve power, fame, or riches. That is true today as it was some 2000 years ago. Yes, the original twelve disciples could have lived out their lives in the comfort of their homes with their families, but for Jesus’ sake, the twelve joined with Jesus in a life of poverty and persecution. Why? Because they believed in Jesus’ promises of peace and hope.

It is hard not to notice that the world is full of sad and difficult news to hear. I cannot speak for you, but for me, as secure as I am, at this time in history I cannot help but feel some anxiety and at times even fear.

It is especially difficult for me to hear some young people speak about how they are fearful for their futures. They fear having the wherewithal to live meaningful lives. They fear being attacked physically and digitally. Their fear and anxiety levels are rising because of a lack of understanding of what their futures hold for them. Their assumptions about life are being challenged.

I can understand their apprehensions. For we live in a world of uncertainty…a world in which it is all too easy to feel abandoned and alone…a world in which it is difficult to determine how to move into the future.

At such a time it is so important to remember that with Christ that we are never alone. It is important to embrace the good news that Jesus continually holds us in his arms. And even though the fears and anxieties of our lives sometimes feel as though they are engulfing us, we are reminded that Jesus calms the storms. We remember that in Jesus we find peace. We find comfort knowing we are part of the body of Christ which proclaims the Good News of Christ’s peace on earth as well as the hope for a better future. We celebrate the freedom that our Lord gives us in our life together.

We remember that as it is written in John 16:33, Jesus shares with us that we may find peace in him even in a troubled world. I pray we continue to do so with calmness and a sense of peace. Now and always.

Pastor Steve