God is with us

Each week while visiting people in hospitals, in homes, or in my office, I am reminded of how I am glad to be a Christian.  Being a believer brings me feelings of peace and joy.  Of course, I know only too well that being a Christian is not always easy.  Actually, at times being a Christian can be quite challenging.

There are folks who believe Christians are always supposed to be happy and never depressed.   That Christians are always to be filled with joy.  But you and I know that is simply not the case.

Sometimes we feel sad.  Sometimes life is very difficult.  Sometimes we feel as though we are slogging through mud….we don’t sleep well or we sleep too much.  There may be times in which we do not care about things as much as we used to.  Perhaps we begin to weep for no apparent reason…or for a very real reason.

The truth is, we would rather not live life in a depressed manner.  God does not want us to live life that way either.  God has created us to live life abundantly.  And for those of us who are not feeling well, it is good news that God has inspired health care providers to help restore us to health.  I am sure you agree with me, it is always worth visiting a health care professional to get things checked out when we are feeling really down or ill.

It is good news that God loves us when we are happy and when we are sad.  God loves us when we are feeling healthy and when we are feeling ill.

For God truly cares for you and for me.  God is with us.

You know, there are many incidences in the Bible in which Jesus heals people.  I believe Jesus heals people today as well.  I believe Jesus heals people through the power of the Holy Spirit… through people.   And I believe that even on those occasions in which there is not cure for a disease, there still can be healing in our souls.

How about you?

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve