One of my New Year’s resolutions was to exercise at least one hour each day.  That resolution lasted about 3 days.  Have your New Year’s resolutions lasted longer?

I made other New Year’s resolutions as well.  I resolved to eat healthier, sleep longer, listen better, and practicing music regularly.  I resolved to not shy away from asking questions of faith…questions of what it means to live a life as a Christian…even when those questions are difficult to hear.

I suspect many of us wrestle with what it means to lead a Christian life.  We want to lead better lives.  And although we want to lead better lives for our sake and for those around us, well, things continually get in the way.

With that in mind, during this Lenten season I invite us to ponder the choices we make. Are we allowing God to create the best story possible of our lives?  Are we living out our God created potentials, that is, are we sharing the promises of hope in our Lord Jesus.  Do we proclaim the promise of eternal life?  Do we share this good news by our words and our actions?

I wonder, do we choose to share God’s love or do we choose to be insular? Are we courageous or fearful?  Are we always generous or sometimes selfish? Do we approach life in a positive manner?

God gives us the ability to choose.  “Choice” is a gift from God.  Each day we are given the opportunities to make choices that make differences in our lives, that of our families, and those of the communities that surround us.  Indeed, our choices make a difference in the life of all of creation.

Our ability to make choices is good news.  For even in our brokenness we can choose to turn to God.  It is no surprise that our New Year’s resolutions may not last very long, but throughout this coming year we can continue to strive to better live into our God created potentials.  We can continue express and share God’s love.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve Leiser