Pastors Notes

Growing in Faith Together

Another New Year is upon us!  Happy New Year!  What will your New Year’s resolution be?  I pray that each of us resolves to become more faithful this coming year by being more lovingly engaged with our neighbors and with creation.  This year by our words and actions may we more clearly express our love […]

Shake Off the Dust

How many of us occasionally take a moment to open the Bible and read from the book of 2nd Kings?  I suspect there are few, if any, of us that do.  Still, I invite you to take a moment to read these words for 2 Kings 22: 10-11: “Shapham the secretary informed the king, ‘The […]

We are Grateful

When we celebrate Thanksgiving, as Christians, we thank God for blessing us with God’s love as well as with an abundance time, relationships,  food and possessions.  And, yes, we know that not everyone is quite as “blessed”, as measured by our society and culture.  We still have homeless people, poor people, and economically marginalized people […]

Deeper Relationships Through Prayer

In our mission statement we proclaim that we are a people gathered by God in the mountains for good. And we are people continually experiencing the reformation of the church.  A church that is passionate about personal and corporate expressions of spirituality and faith.  A church which lifts up a life of prayer and wise […]

There is Always Hope

What shall we say to these things? Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.  (Romans 8:  31,39b) There is no doubt the people of the world have witnessed terrible events…at times, things that have left us speechless and horrified.   Too often […]

It is no Laughing Matter

For in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.  As many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.  There is no longer Jew nor Greek, there is no longer slave nor free, there is no longer male nor female; for all of you are one in Christ […]

“Making Disciples”

“Go and make disciples of all nations.”  (Matthew 28:19a) I suspect some among us, when they read that verse from Matthew, think not only of making disciples of all nations but also about making disciples of members of our congregation.  And, as hard as it is for me to understand, I suspect some of us […]

Pray for Peace

Today is a wonderfully sunny day.  I cannot help but feel the joy of our Lord.  Even so, have you noticed?  Every day we are surrounded with news of violence in our communities, our nation, and throughout the world.  It is disheartening at best. With all the tension surrounding us, I find it helps to […]

God is with us

Each week while visiting people in hospitals, in homes, or in my office, I am reminded of how I am glad to be a Christian.  Being a believer brings me feelings of peace and joy.  Of course, I know only too well that being a Christian is not always easy.  Actually, at times being a […]

Blessed to be Blessed

A few years ago I read a story about a group of salespersons.  It went something like this: A group of salespersons went to sales convention.  They had assured their partners that they would be home for Sunday night’s dinner.  After some final conversations the salesperson’s realized that they were a bit tight time-wise to […]