Building Resolution

As proposed to the Congregation on May 5, 2013 WHEREAS, the congregation of Shepherd of the Mountains indicated a desire during the semi-annual meeting of the congregation on May 16, 2010 to meet a ministry need by adding (1) Sunday School classroom capacity, and (2) fellowship capacity; AND WHEREAS, it was resolved at a congregational […]

Fundraising Update

Moving Right Along!!! The Building Task Force is excited by the results of our two-year fundraising drive! We have not only met our pledges, but have exceeded them by approximately $10,000! As of the end of 2012, we have raised over $330,000. In addition, several unsolicited pledges have already been made for 2013. The architectural […]

November Building Task Force Update

While our communication has been lacking, the building process is moving forward. We are currently in a patient stage of the planning process where we have asked builders to estimate the costs for our project. We have received one estimate and are currently awaiting one to two more estimates. In addition, we are exploring financing […]