Time for Golf? Time for God?

Last summer I carried my golf clubs in my car but never had time to use them. This summer I have been more intentionally trying to take time to golf. I have gifted myself one afternoon each week to play nine holes. Still, at times I wish I had more time to be committed to become better at the game. At times I am actually envious of those folks who have time to be committed to improve their golf skills…those folks who are committed to accomplish their golf goals. Who understand that improving their golf games will not just “happen.” Who dedicate the time, are willing to make sacrifices, to better their skills.

I admit, many of them have God-given talents, at least in the golf-realm, that I simply do not have.

I can’t say that I love golf, but I like to golf. And I know I will never golf at Augusta let alone win there. The best I can hope for is getting a birdie on the first hole at Mountain Dell Golf Course…as long as I keep my drive on the left side of the fairway. I suspect some of you know what I mean.

I would like to believe that golfing helps me stay in better physical and mental shape. Because staying in good shape is important…to a point. That is, many of us jog or bike or hike to stay in shape. But only a few of us will qualify for the Boston Marathon, or bike the Tour de France, or hike to the top of Mount Everest. And for most of us such feats are not in the realm of possibility. And that is ok.

Still, the truth is, I stand in awe of people who are so committed that they give all they have to accomplish incredible things. For I understand the price they pay to complete such accomplishments.

You and I know what commitment means. And you and I know that Jesus calls us to be committed to his ministry. Jesus calls us to give everything we have in dedication to serving him and our neighbor. We know this. We understand this.

The problem is most of us have a hard time with giving our whole selves, our complete selves, our totally committed selves to our Lord. We wish we could but we just cannot do so. I mean, really, who has the time to do so?

That is why it is such good news that even though we may not be totally committed to God that God is still totally committed to us. God is so committed to us that God in Christ died for us.

It is good news that God always has time for us. It is good news that God is and always will be totally and lovingly committed to you, to me, to all of creation.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve