Shepherd of the Mountains is a wonderfully faithful congregation.  We are people who strive to do our best for we understand that we can always continue to grow in faith as well as our participation in Christ’s ministry.  We pray that we might find ways to improve as well as letting “our light shine so that others will see our good works and give glory to our Creator in Heaven.” (Mark 5:16)

Speaking of prayer, this Fall I invite us to be more disciplined about making prayer an important part of our congregation’s life.  Whenever and wherever our Lord gathers us together we can offer prayers of thanks for the experiences we share.  We can also offer prayers requesting help for the problems we face as well as healing for those who are ill or poor in spirit.

Even as generous as we are, we can also continue to prayerfully consider how well we are growing in our sharing of our time, talents and wealth.  Being in conversation with our lord, asking our Lord to guide us in our giving, can only be a positive step towards that time we make public commitments to ministry, that is, during our Fall congregational meeting.

Of course, prayer is a very personal.  And I pray that we take time to pray outside of our worship times as well.  May we continue to build a strong, well developed prayer-filled life.  May we make it a habit to pray early in the morning, during the day, and before we settle in for evening.  Honestly, it is simply a matter of discipline.

Prayer filled moments need not be filled with long prayers but simply prayers of thanks and gratitude…perhaps prayers of concerns or laments.  These are moments of taking time to tune into the world and our lives.  These are moments of listening to God.  In these conversations with God we can become more conscious of God’s presence in our lives.  We can become better in tune to God’s hands guiding us and God’s voice comforting us and, yes, at times challenging us.

Importantly, times of prayer help us develop a true sense of a loving relationship with our Lord…our Lord who reaches out to us in mercy and peace.  Always.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve