It’s Official!

girl_paintPerhaps it was appropriate that our Christmas Children’s Program was titled, “A Star is Born,” as stars seem to be a common theme. SoM has signed a lease with Shining Stars School, a co-operative preschool, to use our new education wing for their school. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide this space for our community serving over 50 families with young children. Shining Stars will be moving from their current location at the Park City Community Church during the summer to prepare for their first year at SoM in the 2014 – 2015 school year. Please note that Shining Stars is the reason the basement is being finished. Originally the build out of the basement was not in the budget. Due to Shining Stars’ financing and sweat equity, the basement will now be completed for shared use. Visit Shining Stars website.


Are we finished yet? No, not quite. While we don’t have a final date for completion, progress continues everyday. We expect for the education wing to be complete within the next two or three weeks, and the fellowship hall to be completed shortly thereafter.

Blue Sky Solar Panels

If you haven’t noticed, the solar panels that were made possible by the Blue Sky grant are installed. They are visible from 224 and they are a very exciting aspect of our project. The BTF is thrilled about this grant as it is yet another way that our building can impact the community.