There are many things that can entertain us, such as concerts, ball games, plays….and car washes. Yes, car washes. Think about it, you can let your imagination run wild at a car wash. You can imagine you are in the jungle or taking a huge shower or you are stranded in a huge down-pour. At the car wash I use there are colorful lights…orange, blue, purple…that shine down on you as you pass through the various stages of the car wash! Under these lights it is as though I am passing through a time machine. And no matter which car wash you use, at the end of your car wash journey you are rescued by an attendant and released into the world for more adventure. Just imagine the possibilities at a car wash!

I wonder, is there a place for imagination when it comes to our faith? What could help us imagine things differently? We can read the Bible. Imagine that. We can more faithfully attend Bible studies and by doing so we can reconnect to the wonderful story of God and our relationship with God.

Of course, for many of us reading the Bible seems like just another chore. And, yes, the Bible can be, at times, very wordy and hard to understand.

But think about this. What if we entered the Bible like we entered a car wash? What if we entered the Bible with imagination? What if we entered the Bible as if we were beginning an adventure?

This fall, as we approach the observation of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, I invite you to allow your “Biblical” imagination to run wild. Read the Bible! Begin with the Book of Genesis. There is plenty of action there to be sure.

Take time to read the Bible with a child. Children have great imaginations and are not afraid to use them. They can teach us a lot. Listen to their questions as they hear God’s story. Answer their questions colorfully and thoughtfully.

Of course, attend worship regularly. Pay attention to what is happening. Pay attention to the words being sung or spoken. Take time to truly listen. Be amazed at our how your mind fills in details and connects the worship service and the Bible to your daily life.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve