Here We Are! Send Us!

The prophet Isaiah wrote of his personal experience when hearing God’s call. “And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send?’ Then I said, ‘Here am I! Send me.’”

At that moment Isaiah was experiencing a new beginning. We experience new beginnings as well…such as we do each New Year. This New Year will be no exception.

Isaiah was willing to experience something new. Did you note how Isaiah’s response to God’s call was unconditional? Isaiah did not say, “I am willing to try something new, send me here but not there”, or “I will do this but not that,” or “I will stay this long but not that long.” Isaiah understood that God is the chooser and we are the chosen. Isaiah understood that we are not to judge the will of God…that we are created to respond faithfully to God’s call.

This New Year I pray that we continue to respond to God’s call faithfully; that we experience new beginnings that stir our souls; that by the power of the Holy Spirit we continue to be energized to live out Christ’s mission reaching towards our God created potentials.
May this New Year bring us new exciting possibilities that help us to express to ourselves and to the surrounding communities who we are and what we are about.

It is good news that God, throughout this coming New Year, will call us to serve God and our neighbor each and every day. It is good news that we will be blessed with so many possibilities to proclaim God’s love…to serve our neighbors…and to accept God’s love expressed through our neighbors and families.

In this New Year, may we begin by rejoicing that we are embraced by our loving God. Let us be open to God’s call to serve faithfully and respond to God’s call with the words “Here we are! Send us!”

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve