Gathered in the Mountains for Good

God calls us with a holy calling, not according to our works but according to God’s purpose. Yes, God has dream, a vision, for our lives.

In the Bible we hear about visions. Ananias had a vision that Saul, later known as Paul, even though a persecutor of Christians, had been called to serve Christ. Peter had a vision of God’s entire creation having been made clean by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. John also had a vision of a new heaven and a new earth.

I wonder, have you ever had a vision? That is, do you have a dream of a future…one that motivates you to move forward in faith? I pray that you do. For without such a dream, or vision, our lives often lose vitality and even joy. Without such a dream we fail to fully grasp how God creates you and I to live full lives, lives of purpose and grace, lives that fulfill our God created potentials. Lives in which we experience the joy of our Lord.

This summer I invite you to prayerfully look at the potentials of our congregation and dream about how the people gathered as Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church can continue to move forward with a vital and growing ministry. This summer ponder how we can intentionally continue to reach out to, as well as join with young people, people of different cultures, people of different ages, people of different faiths. How can we more effectively engage in Christ’s ministry?

It is always the right time to share the Good News. My dream is that you and I will prayerfully continue to be faithfully committed to love our God and our neighbor. I pray that God will continue to use this congregation as a means of enacting God’s vision for good.

After all, we gather, we are gathered, in the mountains for good.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve