Final Building Update

The building renovation is complete! All bills have been paid, liens released, and bank accounts reconciled. Expenditures equalled the donations and all finances are settled. Last year during the Stewardship Drive an ongoing Capital Campaign was introduced, whereby 90% of money donated would be used for mortgage reduction and 10% used for building maintenance reserves. A $50,000 annual target was set for this fund. Pledges were made, however given the unexpected “extension” of the building project, the timing of the Capital Fund wasn’t clearly communicated. It is time to clarify: Building Fund donations (money used for construction) were closed as of the end of 2013. All “building” designated donations in 2014 have been recorded as Capital Fund contributions, currently totaling over $21,000. Now that the building is completed, the Building Task Force would like to re-initiate the Capital Campaign efforts. Please contact Ann Futch at if you would like a reminder of your pledge.


Landscaping was not included in the scope of the building project. However, Dave Vecchi is doing an amazing job finishing up the grounds. Jaron Ehlers kick-started the effort with his Eagle Scout Project by completing two of the beds in the front of the building. Jaron, THANK YOU!!!! The work was well organized and impressively executed. Yet, more work is still needed. Please plan on helping this Sat., SEPT. 13th, at 9:00am to work on the back of the building. We have been given monetary support for this stage of the project and desperately need physical help on Sat. If you would like to make financial donations specifically for the completion of landscaping please contact Dave Vecchi at


Oh Happy Day! We have reached long anticipated time of celebration and invitation! Oktoberfest is scheduled for September 27th from 5:00 – 7:00 PM. This year we will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity as a beneficiary of this fundraiser. Please sign up to help on the kiosk or contact J.J. Ehlers directly at Invite your friends to share in our outreach.