FOR THE WEEK OF May 19th, 2019

Please notify the church office (435-649-2233) or office@shepherdofthemountains.org of substitutions prior to the bulletin insert deadline of Wednesday at NOON. Thank you!

Please view the Worship Schedule and other events happening this week on our calendar.

Message from our Pastor, Steve Leiser

This coming Sunday we observe Memorial Day.  We celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed even as we recognize that God has created us, called us, and chosen us to be God’s people.  We remember that our loved ones, as we are today, were guided and blessed by God.  We certainly are blessed to have had been in relationship with them.  And for the love they shared with us we respond in faith to God’s love for us and for all creation.  We do so in Christ’s name.

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve

Worship Servants for this Sunday…

May 26th, 8:30 am ~ Traditional Worship

Assisting Minister: George Corwin
Acolyte: Need Volunteer please 
Communion Assistants: Cheryl Thomson, Pam Evans and Monte Hurt
Sunday School: No Sunday School until September 8, 2019
Reader: Val Thurnell
Music: Logan Blackman
Altar Guild Support: Ginny Hiatt
Bread: Reva Rauk
Fellowship: Cheryl and Randy Thomson
Greeter: Need Volunteer please
Usher: John Kundson

May 26th, 10:30 am ~ Contemporary Worship

Assisting Minister: Julie Cooper
Acolyte: Brooklyne Mugridge
Communion Assistant: Ann Hoffman
Sunday School: No Sunday School until September 8, 2019
Reader: Jordanelle Mugridge
Music: The Praise Band
Altar Guild Support: Ginny Hiatt
Bread: Reva Rauk
Fellowship: Karen Broussard
Greeter: Need Volunteer please
Usher: Dave Vecchi
Counters: Patti Polster and JJ Ehlers

Reoccurring Meetings

Bluegrass – 5:30 pm every Thursday
Praise Band – 7:00 pm every Tuesday
AA – 7:00 pm every Wednesday (co-ed), 7:00 pm every Thursday (men only)
Alzheimer’s Support Group – Meets 1:00 pm – 3rd Wednesday of every month

Information deadlines:

Worship Servants FIRST MONDAY of the month – for the next month please !


Council – 6:30 pm, 2nd Monday of the month – (6/10/19)
Education/Youth – 9:45 am, 2nd Sunday of the month (TBA)
Executive Committee – 12:00 pm varies (TBA)
Fellowship – 9:30 am, 2nd Sunday of the month (6/9/19)
Finance – 5:30 pm, 4th Monday of the 1st month of the quarter (TBA)
Property – 6:30 pm, 4th Monday of the month (6/24/19)
Social Ministries – 9:30 am, 2nd Sunday of the month (6/9/19)
Bereavement Team – TBD
Stewardship – 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month (TBA)
Shepherd Connections – 9:30 am 2nd Sunday of the month (6/9/19)
Worship/Music – 11:30 am, 1st Sunday of the month (6/2/19)

Lectionary Bible Readings

Lectionary Bible Readings for Sunday, May 26, 2019: Sixth Sunday of Easter ~ Acts 16:9-15, Psalm 67, Revelation 21:10, 22–22:5, John 14:23-29

PLANNING AHEAD… Announcements

Please view the Worship Schedule and other events happening this week on our calendar

NOTICE:  LIVING LUTHERAN MAGAZINE – If you were receiving Living Lutheran delivered to your home, you will not be receiving it now as the Council decided to cancel the home delivery subscriptions and instead have copies of the magazine available at the church each month.   Feel free to pick up the current magazine in the narthex on the counter.   If you have any questions about this, please contact the office at 435-649-2233.

ADULT EDUCATION – Please join Keera Ryan on Sunday, June 9th at 9:30 am in the conference room for a presentation and discussion about the progression, pathology, bio-mechanics and socio-economic implications of addiction and mental health issues.   High School students are welcome with parental supervision and consent.


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – Once again we are offering VBS Day Camp for kids entering grades K-5th in the Fall.   VBS will be led by camp counselors from Rainbow Trails Lutheran Camp and supported by many church volunteers.   The Camp dates are July 29th – August 2nd / Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 1 pm and Friday 9 am – noon.   For more information and to register go to:  VBS at SOTM

YOUTH EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – Do your kids participate in extracurricular activities, sports, dance, music, plays?  Please let us know as many people of the congregation would like to support the youth and cheer them on at their events.  There is a sign up on the YOUTH board, so let us know what your kiddos are up to this winter and spring.


** CELEBRATION RINGERS ** ~ The Celebration Ringers from First Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs, CO will perform a concert Friday, June 7th at 7:00 pm here at SHEPHERD OF THE MOUNTAINS.  We will be hosting a meal for these high school performers at 5:00 pm that evening, a sign up is on the kiosk if you would like to help feed these awesome handbell ringers.   Here is some more information about this traveling musical group.

The Celebration Ringers is one of six handbell choirs at First Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The ringers are in grades 9-12.  Many have been involved in the handbell program since second grade.  At First Lutheran they play for worship services throughout the year and concerts in the community, particularly during the Christmas season. The ringers enjoy playing a variety of music from hymn tune arrangements, to spirituals and secular tunes.  

The Celebration Ringers have had the privilege of traveling each summer to a variety of places.  They have traveled to California three times over the years.  They have traveled in Texas and throughout the Mid-West.  Last year’s tour took take them through New Mexico and Arizona.  Their 2019 tour will have concerts in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. There are 14 ringers in the group playing on 5 octaves of handbells and 6 octaves of chimes.  Along with the bells this year’s concerts will feature piano, voice and percussion.  Their director, Joan Kuehn, directs the music program at First Lutheran where she has been on staff since 1988.


NEW AMAZON SMILE ~ Help donate to Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church with every purchase you make on Amazon, click on link:  Amazon~Smile

Rocky Mountain Synod Information – The information is on the ELCA bulletin board and here is a link:

Recycling Update – Thank You to all of you who are recycling at SOM. It’s a big job to take these items to the Recycle Center and if you would like to help in this wonderful “Save our Earth” mission, please contact Mary Antinori (801-243-9635) to help her out. Also, please remember that if cardboard is contaminated with food particles, it can not be recycled.  SHEPHERD OF THE MOUNTAINS HAS JOINED RECYCLE UTAH’S GREEN BUSINESS PROGRAM– This program is a resource that helps us operate in a more sustainable manner through education and goal setting.  We’ve identified three goals for 2019:  1) increase recycling and awareness in the building, 2) explore lighting efficiency options in the building and parking lot and 3) evaluate our energy usage throughout the building.  Additional information on the program can be found at www.recycleutah.org/green-business-program.  Please contact Julie Cooper, Mickey Palomaki or Mary Antinori to join our team or get the scoop on what we’re doing to achieve our goals.

May Dumpster Days from Recycle Utah

Save yourself a trip to the landfill and take advantage of Dumpster Days!

Dumpster Days at Recycle Utah will be held on the following dates:

May  30 – June 1, 2019:  9:00am – 4:00pm
June 26 – 28, 2019: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Two large bins will be placed on Woodbine Way for garbage and yard waste. Residential waste only! Businesses will be turned away and yes, we know if you are a business!Recycle Utah requests that patrons only use the dumpsters during designated drop-off hours. Volunteers will be available to assist you. No overnight dumping.

The following items are not accepted during Dumpster Days: mattresses, tires, refrigerators and hazardous materials.  To learn how to dispose of these items, see http://www.co.summit.ut.us/783/Summit-County-Landfills

For a more detailed list of materials accepted, go to Recycle Utah website – www.recycleutah.org

Food Pantry – Thank you everyone for your food donations, which we deliver to the Christian Center of Park City Food Pantry monthly. Please know that their need for food is constant and greatly appreciated. Please drop off your non-perishable food donations in the basket in the narthex.  Thank you!

Fun PROJECT Friday – Every other Friday from 9 AM to 11 AM here at Shepherd of the Mountains.  Next Property Project is To Be Determined” as our winter schedule will vary on projects.

Eyeglasses for Lions Club – Always in need for Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses. Please donate to the wooden box by the office.

Box Tops – Shining Stars school is collecting box tops.  If you are not saving yours for another cause, they would be happy to take them. There will be a collection box in the narthex.

Wendy’s Wonderful Wednesday Workout – Every Wednesday, 7:00 am – strength, core and balance. Right here at SOM. Just $5 per class.

Women’s Bible Study – We meet every other Wednesday. The next meeting is Wednesday, May 22nd at 9:30 am at the church. If you have questions, please contact Linda Hathaway (435-654-4383). We look forward to seeing you.


Solar System Performance for:  April 9, 2019 to May 8, 2019 ~Now that the panels were clear of ice and snow, and we had more sunshine, the panels were able to make a greater contribution to reducing our energy costs.  During the period, 29 days, the solar system generated 1,679  kWh of energy.  The energy produced by the solar panels offset about 60% of more moderate power usage (2,844 kWh) by the Church and its tenants. In the process, we sold back 600 kWh to Rocky Mountain Power. This was the greater power we generated during daylight hours exceeding the power usage of the Church during the same hours.  During the period, we drew 1,765 kWh from the grid but we sold back 600 kWh; so, we were charged for 1,165 kWh out of the total use of 2,844 kWh. ~ Tim Fehr

Stewardship Moment…

Property Coordinator – Annie Lamb is serving in this position. Her email is annie.1974@live.com. She is now coordinating all the various groups that use our building. If you have an event and you would like to use the building, she is the person you contact.

Sunday Servants – There are many opportunities to serve during our worship services. We need additional volunteers. Worship takes 20-25 people to assist every Sunday. If you would like to assist, here is the list of the people who do the scheduling:

Assisting Ministers, Communion Assistants and Readers – Val Thurnell  vthurnell@gmail.com
Altar Guild, Bread Bakers and Greeters – Pam Evans evansstrayhome@aol.com
Counters – Jim Hier jimheir@gmail.com
Keyboard – Stephanie Hurt saamhurt@allwest.net
Fellowship – Ann Hoffman sagahoffman@msn.com
Ushers – Randy Thomson thomson@xmission.com
Acolytes – Pastor Steve steveleiser@comcast.net

Musical Talents – We invite you to share your musical talents during worship at 8:30. If you would like to provide special music (vocal or instrumental solos and groups) during the offertory, please talk with Mary Antinori (435-649-6877) or Pastor Steve.

The Praise Band  is looking for musicians for the 10:30 am service. Practice is Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Join us for practice and see how you like it! Contact Jennifer Leiser (801-631-9981) for more information.

In Our Prayers –

We ask your continued prayers for Healing and Wholeness for:
Randy Thomson, Mathew McClure, Val Thurnell, Robert Howell, Cara Nicole, Dee & Frank Benton, Sam, Howard, Mark, Hazel, Jacki Sandstrom, John Sandstrom, Bonni Futch, Bill Olderman, Mary Jane Schmidt, Julie Stranges, Jacob, Bev, Pat Rusk, Hadley Miles, Jessica, Lizzie and Family, Jeff, Doug Gibson, Marlene, Russ Malcomson, Margueritte Malcomson, Annette, Sheila, Bob, Brandon, Vera Palomaki, Avery, Michael, Kathy, Marge, Rob, Jan, Cindy, Todd, Andy Washington, Mugridge Family.

SOM Prayer Chain
We are updating our prayer chain. We have kept everyone on the list that has been added in the last 3 months. We will rotate names off the prayer chain after a month unless we receive a request to keep a name on. Please contact JJ Ehlers, jrhehlers@sisna.com or call her at 647-0977, to add a name to the chain. Thank you!


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The deadline for Sunday Bulletin Announcements is NOON of the previous Wednesday. Please send them to the Church Office.

The weekly E-pistle is an internet ministry of the congregation of Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church. All announcements or subscriber list additions/subtractions should be sent to the Office Administrator, at office@shepherdofthemountains.org.  Deadline is Wednesday at 12:00 noon.

Please note our church office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 2 PM.  Friday’s may be a modified schedule in the office.  Thank you !