This Easter we will join with Christians throughout the world and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ with shouts of “He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

I suspect it is no accident that Easter happens during springtime. Springtime is a time renewal…time of life-giving rain and sunshine. It is as if creation is calling us to drink deeply and rise again. How appropriate. For at Easter we proclaim the resurrection of the light of the world, Jesus Christ. At Easter we celebrate our new life in Christ. At Easter our spirits are lifted with anticipation, joy, and hope.

I cannot speak for you, but at Easter I am always eager to start anew. I am eager to recommit to living a healthy life by taking time to pray, to study the Bible, and to worship our Lord; to go hiking in the mountains; to serve my neighbors; to help in preparing and planting my families’ garden plot in our community garden; to take time simply reading a good book. At Easter I joyfully embrace my life in Christ. I pray you do as well.

At Easter we embrace what is good for our souls and for our faith. At Easter we celebrate Jesus is present in our lives now and forever. At Easter we reclaim a clear sense of who God creates us to be and what God invites us to do. For Easter is a time to ponder our faith journeys. The journeys God is unfolding before us.

I pray that we are willing to move forward in our faith journeys: embrace new mission opportunities, welcome new people, and dream of new adventures in Christ. I pray we are willing to follow our Lord and be the people God created us to be. A wonderful people gathered by God who are willing to be God’s hands in this world…doing God’s work in this world…even as we face the challenges set before us…doing so with joy and commitment in serving our Lord and our neighbor.

We are in the mountains for good. We are committed to share the love of Christ through acts of compassion, service, as well as generous giving of our time, talents, and wealth.

We are a church in Christ’s mission. We joyfully proclaim the resurrected Lord is present in our lives…guiding us and sustaining us…and we will continue to share God’s love throughout the year, indeed throughout the seasons of our lives.

Easter is almost here! Newness of life is surrounding us. “Jesus is Risen! Jesus is Risen Indeed!” Jesus is risen for you and for me and for all of creation. Let us celebrate the Good News!

Christ’s Peace, Pastor Steve